For ever Fortune | partition

Scottish songs and dances in the 18th century


This partition contains the scores of all the pieces you will find on the CD “For ever Fortune” (Alpha 531), presenting a selection of songs and dances from the 18th century Scotland.

This programme is based on sources written or printed in Edinburgh or London throughout the 18th and early 19th centuries. The style of the melodies and of their accompaniment makes them easily adaptable for playing on any instruments, make it a perfect teaching material.

For the sake of coherence and elegance, a musical typography was created for this edition by Pierre Séchet, recalling the graphic aspect of scores printed in the 18th century. In addition, the typeface used is Rameau, designed by Sarah Lazarevic based on an engraved edition of a lyric work by J.P. Rameau.

Discipline/Instrument Tenor or soprano voice and all instruments (flute, violin, cello, keyboard…)
Arrangements & variations François Lazarevitch
Format 22 x 31 cm
Number of pages 50
Languages French & English
Éditions Éditions des Musiciens de Saint-Julien

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In France:, 7-15 avenue du Nouveau Conservatoire, 75019 Paris
Librairie Musicale ORFEO, 30 rue de la Chaîne, 86000 Poitiers
Librairie A Cappella, 3 quai Jean Moulin, 69202 Lyon
In Spain:
ARS ANTIQVA, c/ de la Independencia, 2, 28013 Madrid



MacCrimmon’s Lament, Cha Til MacCriman
Johnnie Cope
Laughlan’s Lilt
Etrik Bank’s
Loch – Erroch Side
The Flower of Edinburgh
Lady Mary Hay’s Scotch Measure
The Fyket
Miss Bisset Logierait’s Reel
Was ye at the Bridal
The Cadgers of the Cannongate
Kennet’s Dream
The Princess Royal
Logan Water (For ever Fortune)
Mrs Judge
John Anderson my jo (instrumental)
John Anderson my jo (chant)
For our lang biding here
Joy gæ wi’my love
The Flaughter Spade
Patrick McDonald’s Jig
Benney Side
Pearlin Peggie’s Bonny, or, The laird of Foveran
The Gum – ga’d Aber
Adew Dundee
Bonny Dundee – Variation François Lazarevitch
Moc Donogh’s Lamentation
Saw na ye my Peggie (chant)
Saw na ye my Peggie (instrumental)
Muirland Willie
The Wawking of the Faulds
I wish I wou’d marry me
An caora crom
Ratha Fair
Haud the l ass till I come at her
Clean Peas Stræ