TRILOGUE or The Art of conversation

Baroque repertoire & contemporary creation

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Conceived around the trio formation and open to the diversity of writing that it inspires both in the 18th and 21st centuries, this programme, directed by François Lazarevitch on the flute, Lucile Boulanger on the viola da gamba and Justin Taylor on the harpsichord, brings together the baroque repertoire and contemporary creation. It offers a new perspective in the intimate form of a trilogue and thus invites the ensemble to confront the desires of living composers.

Jean-Marie Leclair, Jean-Philippe Rameau and François Couperin, masters of the art of conversation, are thus visited by three contemporary composers – Vincent Bouchot, Philippe Hersant and Gérard Pesson – who have been commissioned by Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien. All three of them already have an affinity with early music through the appropriation of forms or the use of emblematic instruments. Each of them chose a composer to focus on: Leclair for Bouchot, Rameau for Hersant and Couperin for Pesson. Each of them chose a form of dialogue with the reference work: general tonality for Bouchot, postlude commentary mainly centred on the viola for Hersant and short insertions between the six parts of Couperin’s work for Pesson. Neither pastiches nor tributes, these links and transitions enrich the referent trios with their contemporary language. The incrustation of a new language questions both the articulation of the phrasing and the form, and, as a consequence, the entire manner of playing of the musicians.

François Lazarevitch : transverse flute, musette
Lucile Boulanger : viola da gamba
Justin Taylor : harpsichord

TRILOGUE has been selected by SACEM as part of the fifth edition of the “Mise en oeuvre(s)” parcitipatory sponsorship programme in partnership with Proarti for the commissioning of compositions placed with composers.

Théâtre de Cornouaille, scène nationale de Quimper, France

« François Lazarevitch has built up a magnificent body of rediscovered music over the years with Les Musiciens de Saint-Julien, and this is due to his natural, and I believe even structural, desire to move off the beaten track. It is therefore not surprising that this performer of both popular and art music should have been curious about music as it is in pursuit of being written today. »



Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)
Pièces de clavecin en Concerts n°5

Philippe Hersant (1948)

François Couperin (1668-1733)
Concert Royal en La

Gérard Pesson (1958)
Six Contre-jours sur le Troisième Concert Royal de François Couperin

Suite de pièces pour musette, viole de gambe et clavecin
Jean-Philippe Rameau : Musette de La Naissance d’Osiris
Jean-Marie Leclair (1697-1764) : Musette et Menuets de Scylla et Glaucus
Jean-Philippe Rameau : Tambourin (La Queue du Chat) 

Jean-Marie Leclair
Trio pour flûte, viole et BC

Vincent Bouchot (1966)
Monochrome en ré


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